"Okawachiyama,also known as ""village of Hiyo"", it is surrounded by mountains from three sides, and reminds you of a Shan-shui painting. It was once home to the Nabeshima Domain kilns, there used to be check points in order to protect the secrets of the technique of the local crafts.
Numerous porcelain crafts adorn the town, creating a harmonious beauty all around. The prime attraction is undoubtedly ""Tower of Meotoshi"" and the beautiful sound of its fourteen wind chimes, made of the famous Imari-ware. It was selected to one of the 100 soundscape of Japan. The sound of chimes gently echoes around the town of Okawachiyama. When you see the chimneys and kilns made of bricks, you feel the history and tradition of over 300 years.
Okawachiyama is introduced in the Web version of Michelin Green Guide Saga with two stars.
Annual festivals are held, Pottery Market in the Spring (Apr.1-5), Wind Chime Festival in the summer (scheduled for Jun.19-Aug.31), and Kamashima Domein Kiln Fall Festival (Oct.31-Nov.5).