Japanese lifestyle in this area.

We can access Izumo airport and Iwami airport when we need to take a flight, and we can also use the Shinkansen and a rail line when we need to take a train. It can be convenient to hire a car to visit the sea or mountain.

The prefecture is long from East to West, and there are important historical buildings such as Matsue Castle (an important cultural property) at Matsue city and Izumo-taisha at Izumo city to the East side, and in the central area there is Iwami Ginzan which was registered as a world heritage site at Ota city and many hot springs. To the West side, you can feel the tasteful atmosphere of an old town and temple at Tsuwanocho and Masuda city.

You can experience traditional skills of life and feel the warm-hearted nature of this rural area.

Timeline of Shimane

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