This area is a natural rich region and “eel”, “globefish”, “oyster”, “seaweed” from Lake, “orange” from mountain.

Since they got good whether through the year, flowers are always blooming somewhere in this area.

Especially in Hamamatsu flower park is the only place you can enjoy both “Cherry-blossoms and Tulips” in one place for late March to middle April. You may know name of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or Toyota.
Yes, they got many factories around the area which made their famous for “manufacturing”. Also there is some company offering factory tour which made them even more popular for sightseeing place.

In addition, history based drama called “Onna Zyoushu Naotora” will be filming in Hamamatsu!


Timeline of Hamamatsu city

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    Hamamatsu Flower Park

    Hamamatsu Flower Park is botanical garden located in beautiful Hamanako lakeside.
    The park is ab...

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