Ashikaga City is known for being the town of history, culture, and flowers. And these are the contents that we want to introduce to you as the city is filled with them.
One important point is the city's history. The city is said to be the location of the oldest school in Japan, "School of Ashikaga", to which the buildings were chosen as one of the country's national treasure due to its link with the "Bannaji Temple" of the area.

The next point of attraction is culture. The city of Ashikaga has one of the world's largest pottery museum, "The Kurita Museum", with a rich history of over 1,200 years and as well as the "Orihime Temple" that was said to have been built on the holy lands where the God of Protection and the God of Greenery fell in love.

Aside from this, the "Ashikaga Meisen", which held the record of having the highest productivity in crop production in the past, can now be seen and celebrated by the local citizens as they march through the city in a parade called the "Bean Throwing Parade Night" that still remains as a historical tradition.

The last point of inteest are the flowers. Dubbed as Japan's only magical, dream-like travel destination, the now world-renowned "Ashikaga Flower Park" and also through other parks around the area, visitors can enjoy the view of the blooming sakura and the crimson momiji when they are in season.

A local specialty in the area、which might not be well known among foreigners currently、would be the soba and sweets that can be found throughout the city. If guests are looking for something a little bit different、the meat-free "Ashikaga Siew May" made from onions and potato starch is an option, as well the "Potato-Topped Yakisoba" with potatoes added in the fried noodle mix, or the "Sauce Katsu-don" made using the special local sauce。For the fatigued body, we offer a variety of food and drinks that are given a twist with the sweet sauce. We challenge you to try all of this, right here in Ashikaga City.


Timeline of Ashikaga city

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