“Mt. Fuji”, 3,776m altitude beautiful mountain is one of the symbols of Japan. There are many mountains called "Fuji" all over Japan from the admiration for Mt. Fuji.
Kaimondake Volcano in Kagoshima prefecture is called ‘Satsuma Fuji’ and Mt. Nantai in Nikko next to Nasushiobara is called ‘Nikko Fuji’ or ‘Shimotsuke Fuji’.
Nasushiobara also has a mountain named "Fuji".
The mountain in Shiobara area with 1,184m altitude is called ‘Arayu Fuji’.
‘Arayu Fuji’ is a parasitic cone and bell-shaped and its view from Ōnuma Park is beautiful throughout the four seasons. This is a place where you can feel the season changes.
When you visit Nasushiobara, please try our Fuji!
After the walk, you can enjoy Shiobara Hot Spring.