<At a glance:>
*Eighty-seven metre long suspension bridge
*Breath-taking panoramic landscape views
*On-site footbath facility (located in car park)


Stretching a full eighty-seven metres across the famous Hokigawa fishing river, stands the Nanatsuiwa suspension bridge - so named because of its proximity to the famous Nanatsuiwa rock formation in the city of Nasu-shiobara.
Well-known as a viewing hotspot, its stunning vistas and spa-town atmosphere are best seen in spring and autumn, when masses of green and red leaves respectively offer a unique experience of Japan’s four distinct seasons.

As well as being floored entirely in wood, in keeping with the harmony of the surrounding landscape, the car park is equipped with a foot bath so that visitors can enjoy an authentic ‘hot spring’ experience.
The Shiobara Hot Springs Visitors’ Centre (also situated in the car park) provides information about the region’s natural phenomena, and its surrounding promenade offers a great place for a walk.