Nasu Shiobara is blessed with pure, clean water and a perfect climate for soba production. You can taste the delicious buckwheat based noodles in many shops.

Streets of Shiobara onsen and Itamuro onsen are lined with soba noodle shops.

Soba noodles are served hot or chilled, with unique dips and broth to be enjoyed with. There are many different variations of recipes featuring the local, high quality noodles.

There is one special soba dish however, traditional and typical to Nasu Shiobara area.

It is called ""Hiyashi (or Hitashi) soba"", meaning ""chilled (or dipped)"". Noodles are served chilled along with warm broth. You are to dip the noodles in the warm broth, one mouthful at a time. Recommended especially for a unique dining experience!

Make sure to treat yourself to soba noodles of Nasu Shiobara when you are in the area!