The wetlands located to the east of Arayufuji on the Shiobara Natural Research Road. This area is equipped with a barrier-free esplanade spread across a diameter of approximately 2 km, making it accessible to anyone who wishes to take a light stroll. The many trees growing around, such as horse chestnuts, Mongolian oaks and beech, along with flowers like the baikeiso, the Siebold’s crab, the miso-hagi and the guelder-rose, make up an ever changing seasonal scenery to behold.
This spot also has a unique ecosystem where you can find rare species such as the forest green tree frog.
The Onuma Quasi-National Park forest has been selected as one of the top “100 Forests in Japan for Forest Bathing”, thanks to its tranquility where nothing but the sound of nature can be heard as you enjoy a stroll through the woods.

Festival of Nasu-Shiobara city in this month

Timeline of Onuma