From the skin restorative properties of salt, Salt-flat Onsen "Mist" presents to you five baths: Motoyu, old town, gateway, salt bath, and a happiness bath. This onsen (natural hot spring) was opened in the year 1200 A.E. Its water is filled with elements of salt, such as bicarbonate iron and metasilicate, and has become renown for its benefits to the skin. Now you can even enjoy benefits of the Shiobara (Salt-flat) Onsen at home! With a special nozzle, you can filter the water into fine particles so fine, you can even use it to moisturize your skin after putting on makeup. Their special hello kitty collaborative package design is wildly popular, but even if you search all over Japan, the only place you'll find them is in the Nasushiobara City's salt flat, Onsen Mist. Its famous moisturizing water is the kind of present anyone would love to buy, love to receive, and love to use. It's the perfect souvinere. [Salt-Flat Onsen Mist] *Amount : 80 g *Price: 1200 yen (without tax) *Sold at the Nasushiobara City Tourism Office, Shiobara Historical Museum, and the city travel agency!