The first general of the Japanese Imperial Army was Takamori Saigo, the 5th Oyama Seikaku, and the 16th was Maresuke Nogi. All three of these great commanders own farms in Nasunagahara. Perhaps the most famous of these three is Maresuke Nogi- even to this day he is considered the hero of the Russo-Japanese war, and a statue was built to honour him and his wife in 1916. Inside the premises stands a rustic farm-style house Maresuke Nogi built himself. It was listed as a Tochigi Prefecture historical site in 1964, and restored in 1993. There are also several artifacts that were dearly important to the general and his wife on display in a small museum near the house. THe plain yet dignified items give a clear vision of what life in the Meiji Period was like. When you visit Nasushiobara City, stop by and catch a glimpse of the true life behind one of Japan's most famous generals.