This wonderful city located close to Tokyo metropolitan area and is popular as a tourist destination where you can enjoy their beautiful nature and hot springs.
In Shiobara valley, there is a famous place to see autumn colors called “Kurenai-no-Tsuribashi (red suspension bridge)”and not only this one, there are 7 suspension bridges and 10 waterfalls called “Nanatsu-no-Tsuribashi to Zyu-no-Meibaku” where you can enjoy beautiful scenery of four seasons such as fresh green leaves, autumn colors and greens cover with snow.
Now, let us introduce you this great Shiobara-Onsen-kyo (Shiobara hot spring village) where with 1200 years history and has been loved by royal family and great writers. There are 11 hot spring places along to the valley such as open-aired bath with rural beauty, brilliant hotels and inns. Itamuro Onsen (Itamuro hot spring), located in calm and deep mountain valley is hot-spring cure place with 900 years history called “Shimotsuke-no-Kusuriyu(Medical bath in Shimotsuke)”. If you want to experience their nostalgic cityscapes, talk a walk to spa town along the Yukawa River where continuously protection their nostalgic taste. Rich hot spring components warm your whole body even to the core and are said to it can heal everything. Also you can experience their unique bathing method from ancient called “Tsuna-no-Yu(hot water of rope) which you hold on a rope and soak in a deep bathtub with standing postion.
More about this city? There are still many attracting places such as fireflies in summer, canoes or in winter, you can hit one of the biggest snow resorts in Tokyo Metropolitan area“Hunter Mountain Shiobara”to ski and snow boarding. In here, there are 12 courses including 3000m downhill and special sleigh ride ski slope for kids which make your whole family can have fun with snow.
To go to Nasu-Shiobara, it takes only 75mins from JR Tokyo station by Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train).
And don’t forget download this special app called “Kokoshiru Nasu-Shiobara (ココシル那須塩原)” for latest tourist information!


Timeline of Nasu-Shiobara city

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