One of the 11 Shiobara Hot Springs located along the Nichien Momiji Line, where Kamimiyori and Shiobara meet. After the mountain landslides caused by the Great Earthquake of 1695, the people gathered in the ruins of the former hot spring to create a new one, appropriately called “Arayu” (lit. “new spring”).
Nowadays, the hot spring spreads across 4 buildings, with all of their baths being a characteristic milky white sulfur spring. Past the Arayu springs, there is a ski area known as “Hunter Mountain Shiobara”, which visited by many during winter. This makes the hot spring rather popular with the tourists visiting the ski area.
Additionally, there are 3 associated bath-houses in the Arayu spring. You can enjoy the services of Arayu’s Nigoriyu by paying a few hundreds of yen. The sulfur spring not only has a detoxification effect, it also promotes well-being and improves blood flow. How about it? Wouldn’t you like to go skiing and then relax at the soothing waters of Arayu’s Nigoriyu?

Festival of Nasu-Shiobara city in this month

Timeline of Arayu Hot Spring

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    Tochigi Nasu-Shiobara city


    冬の塩原では湯気の出ている雪山を見ることができます。 その正体は塩原温泉の新湯地区にある爆裂火口で、煙の出る場所に雪が積もるとみることができる景色です。 冬にしか見ることのできない記憶に残る光景です。ぜひ、一度見に来てみてください。

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