This is a road to go Itashitsu side from Shiobara side in Nasu Shiobara-shi. Now Shiobara- Tsushihira and Itashitsu- Miyama are opened and you can't go through. When you go from Nasu side, go straight to Hakonomori Play Park and go through Shioba road Shiobara side No. 1 gate and you can go till Shiobara road Shiobara No. 2 gate which is for Tsuchihiraen. At Shiobara side, you can see beautiful red leaves when the season comes. When you go from Itashitsu side, turn left at Miyama dam, and turn left for Miyamaen and you can go until Miyamaen which is 8km away.
You can look down for Miyazaki dam at observatory stop at Miyamaen, and you can see the beautiful red leaves called Sandanzome.