Why don't you try to eat grilled fish or fried fish what you catch for your good memories?

In Shiobara Onsen district, there are two fishing ponds; "Miyazima Fishing Pond" and "Miharashidai Fishing Pond".
Let's try fishing trout to borrow a rod and bait!
When you catch the fish, they will cook them there.
It is famous for the freshness and no smell. And it is delicious too.

Also, a famous thing in "Miyazima Fishing Pond" is "Zingo yaki" which is local cuisine. This is onigiri which is Skewered with bamboo and grilled with homemade "zyune miso".
"Zyune" is sesame. It is said zyune has nutritional value and you can live 10 years longer if you eat them.

You can eat in both store, so please come!