Genzankutsu is a cavern known for being the place of hiding of Genji after he managed to escape, and also the place he used to devise new plans.
Inside Genzankutsu, you will not only learn about the lifestyle and history of Genji as a fugitive, it is also decorated with the many weaponry and armors wielded by the warriors of the era.
In addition to the helmets and katana that date back to the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1558-1600 approx.), there are also matchlocks known as “Tanegashima”, which hold a high historical value. There are also armors and helmets that have been found within Genzankutsu itself.
Not only you will find all these armors on display, you can also try on replicas yourself and take some pictures.
Once you are clad in full armor and tightly grasp your katana, nobody will doubt your attributes as a samurai.