The medicated bath of Shimotsuke with nearly one thousand years of history, a traditional bathing technique of Itamuro Onsen; that is the Tsuna Hot Spring.
In this bathing technique, a rope is placed inside a deep bathtub, then the user holds onto it in order to enter.
Started by the joint bath houses of Itamuro Onsen that were known to have narrow bathtubs, this technique was meant to allow many people to enter at once and it has continued since around the year 1955. Nowadays, it can be seen applied in some hot spring ryokan and the Itamuro's day trip bath-house "Plate chamber health of boiled green green".
In modern times, it is known for helping blood flow all the way to the capillary vessels of the body's extremities, as well as boost the effects of a hot spring bath.
Commonly, sitting inside a hot spring and stretching your legs is the norm of this type of bath. But how about visiting the area and trying out the standing hot spring bath that is traditional to Itamuro Onsen?