A detached building isolated along the officially protected waters of the Nakagawa River, Hotaru-no-yu Onsen is one of Tochigi prefecture’s best kept secrets. Its pure spa water flows abundantly into the bathing area directly from the hot spring source, without once coming into contact with the surrounding air.
With its slightly alkaline pH and standard temperature of about 42 degrees C, these gentle waters are known for their extraordinary efficacy at remedying bodily stresses and exhaustion, as well as for their calming effect.
What’s more, the gentle trickling sound of the surrounding mountain streams and the starlit sky above, unquestionably make an outdoor Japanese bathing experience the ultimate way to heal and unwind. The summer months also bring magnificent natural scenery, and at night fireflies can be seen fluttering across the river (‘hotaru’ means ‘firefly’ in Japanese).
Nasu Fish Land, where fishing & barbeque experiences can be enjoyed (fish caught by hand can be chargrilled and eaten on site), is also located among the same grounds.