"Kouunsou" is an inn with the largest outdoor bath in Shiobara Onsen, and 200 litres of hot water fed by a spring every minute.
The luxurious hot spring comes from a sodium and chloride carbonate spring and contains "metasilicate" which helps the formation of collagen and slows aging of the skin, favoured by all women.
There is a footbath and drinkable spring water in the inn. You can enjoy hot spring boiled eggs and warm sake while having the foot bath.
Their speciality is a "stone-grilled barrel pot". It is a traditional local style pot and you will cook seasonal vegetables and sea food by putting hot stones into a pot. The moment you put the stones into the pot, hot steam will reach the ceiling.
Please visit and enjoy our hospitality at Kouunsou, which offers hot springs good to drink and good to soak.