Road station, Yunoka Shiobara is located in the Agripal-Shiobara and offers homemade cakes, cookies, dumplings together with original blended coffee.
Especially, various kinds of homemade dumplings are popular. The most popular one is "Kiriboshi Daion Manju" (with sliced dried radish), will be sold out in the morning.
The crunchy and crispy texture dry radish is made of local Shiobara radish.
Plenty of simmered radish wrapped with slightly sweet dumpling.
Please come and taste it!
There are homemade "Strawberry Cheese Tart" and "Mix Berry Sundae" with a rich vanilla ice-cream and delicious homemade strawberry jam, etc. You can eat in the shop or outside on a terrace seat, or take away.
Please visit "Story of the wind, Momiji Village" and take a break.