11 Shiobara hot springs are not just secret hot springs. There is a large hot spring district, which contains two hot springs in Shiobara. One of those two hot springs is Monzen Hot Spring.
For that reason, there are various souvenir shops, restaurants and food stalls, where you can buy some buns or one hand food called “Tote-Yaki” that each stall uses different ingredients. There is a spacious parking lot at "Shiobara Onsen Exchange Square", so people who visit there with a car also can take a walk around the hot spring district.
In addition, there is the largest footbath in Japan called "Yuppo no Sato" and many tourists visit every day enjoying a footbath.
Come and take a walk around the hot spring district with 1200 years of history and feel the sparkles of historic Shiobara.

Festival of Nasu-Shiobara city in this month

Timeline of Monzen Hot Spring