There are a Yumoto Onsen in a mountain and it is 15 mins away from Shiobara Onsen area. There are three hotels.
It is said it was the origin of Shiobara Onsen and there were many hotels called "Yumoto sengen" in the past.
They were hit by a landslide because of an earthquake in 1695 and destroyed once but from Meiji era, people came back gradually and now this is what it is.
Sulfur springs are good for your capillaries and not making good your blood but also good for freckle and skin spot. There are many good points.
Water color is green at 2 hotels and gray at 1 hotel which is rare. You can enjoy 7 water colors in Shiobara, and two of them are in Yumoto Onsen. If you want to enjoy Shiobara 7 colors, you cannot miss Yumoto.
Please relax and forget everything in your life in here!

Festival of Nasu-Shiobara city in this month

Timeline of Yumono Onsen