A sacred ground that was founded by Kobodaishi about 1,200 years ago. It is well known for being a temple with a waterfall, as well as for part of the Three Sacred Grounds of Kanto: Kanto Sanjuroku Fudo Reijo, Kanto Kyujuichi Reijo, and Kanto Jizo Hyakuhachi Fudasho. It established its main building on vast grounds and eventually grew to host a large number of highlight spots such as Japan's largest stone engraved Namikirifudoson, Ogon no Ryujin no Taki, Reisui Yakushi Nyorai, the 10-meter tall Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy), Gantsu Daishi "Kuguri Daishi", Rokutai no Warabe Jizo, Sokeyaki Tsukuyi no Okunoin Jizodo, Dainichido, and Shorodo. The Yukaji, Taimatuko and the Hikuguriko are also some of the well known "fire festivals" in the area and are visited by many people every year.
*Fire festivals are held every year on June.