It is a sightseeing road from Kinugawa hot spring of Nikko city to Shiobara hot spring of Nasu-Shiobara city of length 28 km and height 1,000m. As its name suggests, it becomes nice driving route with colored leaves in fall. Trees including maple, beech, Katsura, white birch, oak, Japanese rowan, Yamaurushi, Karamatsu, and Tsuta etc, changes its color to vivid red, orange and yellow from the beginning to the end of October more or less. Along the road, there is ski resort such as the hunter mountain Shiobara, Edelweiss, so that you can enjoy various attractions depending on the season like Lily garden in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and skiing in winter. ※The weather may rapidly change because it is mountainous road. In addition, it is necessary to prepare studless tires in winter.

Festival of Nasu-Shiobara city in this month

Timeline of Nichien Maple Line