<At a glance:>
*A waterfall famed for its scenic beauty
*Viewing area at the waterfall’s basin
*A hotspot for nature photography
With its ten metre drop and approximately five metre width, this stunning waterfall, located in Nasu-shiobara, is well known for its changing scenery depending on the current season and water level.
Close to the waterfall’s accessible basin (renowned as a nature photography hot spot), visitors find themselves bathed in the enchanting surrounding mists.

With its history rich in folklore and legend, there are several theories regarding the origin of the waterfall’s name (‘Otome tama’ means ‘maiden’s fall’). One theory holds that a young local fisherman once mysteriously encountered a beautiful blind girl there. A second theory holds that the waters’ flow resembles the long hair of a beautiful girl, and another claims that the waterfall was once the home of a mermaid.

An on-site car park with space for around twenty standard sized vehicles is situated about 60 metres from the waterfall. For coaches and larger vehicles, free parking is available in the Itamuro Shiei and Kiyohasi car parks, located approximately 5km from the waterfall.
A public toilet is located on the east side of the on-site car park.

Please note that the site is closed for approximately three months a year, between mid-March and mid-December.