A hot-spring located ahead of the road to the back of the Shiobara Onsen Hospital. That’s the Shionoyu Hot Spring.
Shionoyu Hot Spring currently runs two hot-spring hotel buildings with water flowing from the ravine of the Kanomatagawa River.
Both inns possess a hidden shack-like appearance, making it a beloved spot for visitors who wish to relax in the stillness of nature. Both inns also have rotemburo (open air baths) that run along the river, and from here you can see a gorgeous view that is frequently used for tourism posters and PR of Nasushiobara city.
Nearby, next to the crystal clear water and the mountain stream you will find a nice tea house known as “Kotarogafuchi”. Many tourists who come to refresh themselves also pay a visit to the Shionoyu Onsen hot-spring.
Just as the name implies, the water of Shionoyu Hot Spring has the highest salt (shio) content in all of Shiobara Onsen.