With its high strawberry output going back 50 successive years, Tochigi Prefecture is undoubtedly the ‘strawberry kingdom’ of Japan. Likewise, Nasushiobara (a city located within Tochigi) sees the highest production of unpasteurised milk in all of Honshu (the largest of Japan’s four islands).
Whether or not strawberries are in season, the delicious flavour of fresh strawberry-milk can now be enjoyed all year round, being available in a fine-powdered form.
All you have to do is mix the strawberry powder with milk by shaking both ingredients thoroughly in a cocktail shaker, et voila – the result is a refreshing strawberry-milk smoothie!
The powder makes a great souvenir or gift, a tasty breakfast option or even a yummy snack for kids!

1 bag (10g): 100JPY (does not include tax)
1 pack (contains 10 bags): 1,000JPY (does not include tax)

Available to purchase at Nasushiobara Tourism Bureau and other selected stores within Nasushiobara City.