“Tote Yaki” is a specialty one-hand food of Shiobara Onsen town, which is wrapped with a Dora-yaki like dough made with milk and eggs from local, Nasushiobara. The inside ingredients are varies at each shop, but the shape looks like a trumpet used for a horn of “Tote horse carriage”.
A new type of Tote Yaki is created every year and is evolving day by day.
One makes a meal like Tote Yaki mainly using local pedigree chicken or stewed meat, the other makes a dessert like Tote Yaki using strawberries and yoghurt. Altogether 13 different Tote Yaki are sold at Onsen town in Shiobara.
Sushi Tote is one of the 13 kinds of Tote Yaki.
It is a hand-rolled sushi style Tote Yaki with red-vinegared rice, tuna, salmon roe, cucumber and Kanpyō (dried shavings of calabash). Once you try, you will never forget the taste, because the wrapping dough and the inside ingredients match perfectly.
Try this unique Tote Yaki for lunch, while walking around Shiobara.