the most populated city in the world, and it has also the world's largest economy.

Main tourist attractions include the Skytree, the highest tower in the world, Asakusa where you'll be able to enjoy traditional Japanese buildings such as the Kaminari-mon and the five-storied pagod, and Akihabara which is also known as the holy land of the Otaku. As for shopping, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Ikebukuro are all very popular.

At Shinjuku Imperial Garden you can enjoy the various differences in gardening style of the English, French and Japanese gardens. It was originally designed for the Emperor's personal use, but it has been open to the public as a national park since the war. You can enjoy the changing seasons, one of the charms that symbolizes Japan.

Takeshita street is roughly 350m in length and goes from the Takeshita exit of the Harajuku train station towards Meiji Street. There are many shops that target young people with popular goods, brands and accessories, making it a famous tourist spot. Originally Sumida ward was called "Town of manufacturing" and it has gained in notoriety since the Skytree was built, and the 3400 manufacturing companies are also being noted.

Please come and enjoy Tokyo, the center of Japan and the world, where you will discover its many hidden charms.

Timeline of Tokyo

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    Shinjuku is the largest down town area in Japan and has museums,art galleries,and cinemas.

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    Tokyo Sky Tree,at 634m,is the highest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world.
    It is said ...

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    You won’t go short on entertainment,food or shopping in Odaiba.

    Palette Town is a popular comm...

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