Tottori Sand Dune is a costal dune in Tottori Prefecture. It is Japan's largest sand dune is also known as one of the Three Greatest Dunes in this country.

You can walk around the sand dune freely without being charged. If it is difficult to walk with your shoes, you can rental boots. There is a slope which wheel chairs can also go up the sand dune. A panoramic view could be enjoyed.

You can also ride on a camel. When you actually walk on the sand dune, you will be mired in the sand and find that physical strength is needed than it looks. Paragliders and hang gliders could also be enjoyed. Since it is a coast, glare of the sun is strong from early summer to summer, so you will find it very hot during that time. If you are thinking of going up the sand dune by yourself, it would be better to chose a cool season.

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Timeline of Tottori Sand Dunes[Tottori Sakyu]