Nunobashi-Kanjoe is one of the representative ceremonies in Tateyama.
In the old days, people associate Tateyama sceneries such as peaks with snow or Jigokudani (the Hell Valley) with Buddhism, so the sceneries attracted the worshippers who wished for peaceful death.

In Edo period, however, women were not allowed to be in Tateyama. Therefore, ladies crossed the Nunobashi, which was believed as a bridge connects the god's world and the human world, to be in paradise after death.

This Nunobashi-Kanjoe is a reproduced ceremony from the past in Tateyama.
It is held once in every three years. Women walk while wearing all white cloth and eye mask. The worshippers likened Ubadogawa river to Sanzunokawa (river separates the real life and the world after death. Worshippers cross the red bridge on Ubadogawa after repenting one's sins. Three white clothes being put on the bridge means a pure road to the paradise. It is told that the ceremony is very solemn and beautiful, and the ceremony is prepared by the residents of Ashikuraji village.

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