Miguriga-ike Pond is in Tateyama Cho Nakanikawa Gun,Toyama Prefecture,at 2405m above sea-level.
The sublime image of the Three Holy Mountains is reflected off its surface,and you’ll be able to enjoy the subtle grace of the snow-clad sceneries in winter and the breath-taking beauty of the red leaves in autumn.

Because of the high altitude,snow often remains even in early summer,and the temperatures remain cool enough for long sleeves even in midsummer. Nearby is the country’s highest hot spring,the Mikuriga-ike Onsen,so you can take a relaxing bath as you admire the beautiful scenery.

Numerous crater-lakes such as the Midoriga-ike Pond,the Rindo Pond,and the Bloody Pond are dotted around this area,so you can experience the geological uniqueness of Tateyamakurobe as well as enjoying the beautiful mountain range.
There is also a footpath to Jigokudani Valley (closed as of 10th of March 2014) and a number of accomodations and mountain lodges,so we recommend this place if you want to enjoy the mountains of Japan.

Festival of Tateyama in this month

Timeline of Mikurigaike