Mt. Tate is one of the Japanese Three Holy Mountains (Mt. Tate, Mt. Haku and Mt. Fuji). In Tateyama, people has been having faith in Mt, Tate over the centuries. There are full of histories and cultures based on the faith. You can eat local foods for practitioners in Ashikuraji District. There were some lodging places for people who climbed Mt. Tate as a practice.
Hokuriku Shinkansen has been opened since March, 2015. You can easily come to Tateyama from Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Please visit Tateyama and enjoy nature, history and culture!


Timeline of Tateyama

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    The Snow Corridor

    The Snow Wall Walk (Yuki-no-Otani Walk) is a section of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route which is...

  • 2 20150414034350

    Kurobe dam

    The Kurobe Dam isn’t exactly a famous tourist attraction among foreign visitors,but,with a large ...

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    Miguriga-ike Pond is in Tateyama Cho Nakanikawa Gun,Toyama Prefecture,at 2405m above sea-level.

Temple and Shrine/Castle/Historical site