Some spots can be listed as sight seeing areas. The Wakayana castle which is one of the 100 famous castles in Japan, Wakayana electric railway where is famous for "a cat stationmaster", Kuroshio market where you can see tuna filleting display, and Tomogajima island where is said that it looks like a view from a certain animation.
The Wakayama castle, which is a symbol of Wakayama city, is where you must not miss to see when you visit Wakayama. The beautiful castle tower is built up on the hill full of green grass. You can see all over the city from the castle tower.

In addition, a variety of trees and flowers make visitors' time spending there even more wonderful. Especially cherry blossom in the spring, and beautiful autumnal leaves of the park near the castle is something you should see in the fall.
Speaking of food, Wakayama has not only fresh seafood cuisine, but also Wakayama ramen with pork soy sauce base.
There are a lot of ramen shops in the city, some were on TV show and some are really loved by local citizens, so it must be fun to go find your favorite shop.


Timeline of Wakayama city

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    Wakayama Wakayama city

    “Medetai train” starts service!

    April 29, 2016 - The sightseeing train "Medetai train" has begun service on the Nankai-kada line running the northwest of Wakayama prefecture. The vehicle decorated with the “br...

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    Kuroshio Market

    Kuroshio Market in Wakayama City,Wakayama Prefecture,is a seafood market.

    You’ll be able to f...

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