The Wakamatsuri is said to have been originally started by Yorinobu Tokugawa, the first feudal lord of the Kishu Domain, back in 1622 as a religious festival of the Kishu Toshogu shrine dedicated to worshiping Ieyasu Tokugawa. It is celebrated every year on May and it gathers approximately 25,000 people.
One of the most charming parts of the Wakamatsuri is the majestic "Mikoshi Oroshi". Seeing all the people gallantly running down the 108 stone steps of the Kishu Toshogu shrine is an incredibly intense and appealing experience. After that, many people are charmed by the procession parades coming from the Kishu Toshogu shrine and marching around the vicinity of Wakaura, such as the Taiko Drum and Saika Dance, as well as the Naginata Furi.
Do not miss the opportunity to come visit the land of Wakanoura, a National Designated Place of Scenic Beauty, and experience firsthand the charisma of Wakamatsuri.