Zao is host to the largest ski area in all of Japan. Here, the powder snow that piles up in the ski slope course is an ever-changing, extraordinary view to behold, making it the perfect spot for winter sports.
And because the special weather of Zao, you can see "Juhyo", trees that have been covered in an icy mantle. They've even been nicknamed "Snow Monsters"! Ride the Zao Ropeway starting at the foot of the slope and take a good sight at the beautiful Juhyo trees over the course of the morning till dusk.
Not only that, the illuminated Juhyo show a breathtaking scene, and you can either enjoy it by taking part in the Juhyo Corridor of Fantasy tour, where visitors ride on a snow tractor to look at the snow covered shrubs up close, or by looking at it from afar on the ropeway.

Festival of 東武鉄道株式会社 in this month

Timeline of Zao Ropeway