through generations.

The prefectual capital, Yamaguchi city, is surrounded by moountains and has famous arts such as Xavier church, Rurikou temple tower, and Sesshu garden.
Mouri garden in Bohu city, golden-fish lanterns and beautiful white walls in Yanai city, Kintaikyo bridge in Iwakuni, Shuho cave in Mine citty are attractive to tourists.

Another reccomended place in this prefefecture is a location of Japanese historical Samurai fight.
Best pufferfish is sold in here in auction style. Seeing this pufferfish auction, people truly will know Japanese tradition.

Timeline of Yamaguchi

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    Yamaguchi Shimonoseki city

    Fugu Blow Fish

    Shimonoseki is Japan's number one exporter of fuku (blowfish). It's so famous in fact that "Shimonoseki" is what most people think of when they hear the word fuku. The town i...

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    Yamaguchi Hagi City

    Hagi food ~Puffer fish~

    Puffer fish in Hagi is natural products. It has been said that the color of fish is light brown and the taste is delicious as well as Tiger puffer fish. Most of Natural puffer f...

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    Yamaguchi Hagi City

    Hagi ware

    It is the beginning that Mr. Mori Motonari, the leader of the Choshu Clam, requested Korean potter brothers Mr. Ri Shakukou and Mr. Rikei of building an oven to burn tributes in...

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    Akiyoshido Cave

    Akiyoshi-do is the hugest underground cavern located in Aokiyoshi-dai,Yamagushi.

    There is appr...

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    Ganryu Island

    Funa-jima Island,famous as “Ganryu Island”,is located near Kanmon Straits in Yamaguchi.
    Ganyu I...

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    Omijima Island

    You can see Oumi Island from Nagato city, faces the Japan Sea.

    On a clear day, you can see the...

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