Furthermore, you can see various flower and trees throughout the year in Hofu.

Plum, cherry blossoms, azaleas, Satsuki, hydrangea, autumn foliage, etc., entertain the visitors every season.
Talking of pleasure, meals are also parts of the treasure of the trip and there are many delicious foods in Hofu as well.
It is blessed with a rich nature and you can enjoy fresh seafood from the sea and the river as well as seasonal ingredients from the mountain.
Especially "Tenjin Hamo" (daggertooth pike conger) is one of gourmet representing Hofu cooked by skilled chef.
Come and visit us in Hofu where you can see and try things and enjoy good food.


Timeline of Hofu City

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    Yamaguchi Hofu City

    Sacred Tree at Hofu Tenmangū Shrine

    There are three giant trees lined up at equal distance from each other in Hofu Tenmangu. One of the center trees is a sacred camphor tree. It is estimated to be 800 years of age...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu City

    Kurokashiwa (Long-Crowing Rooster)

    When Amaterasu god disappeared at Amano-Iwato, people gathered Kurokashiwa (Long-Crowing Roosters) and made them crow. It is said Tamanooyanomiko god brought the rooster and sta...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu City

    Lord of clan’s meeting with Admiral King

    In December 1866, Admiral King told Kido Takayoshi that he wanted to see the lord of the clan and his son, when he came across Bakan (Shimonoseki) on the way to Hyōgo. The senio...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu City

    Mōri Takachika

    Mōri Takachika became the 13th lord of the Hagi clan in 1837 (at the age of 19). His clan faced the extremely tight finance at that time but also needed to have a protection ag...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu City

    Salt Making Experience and Sanchō Day / Hamabiki Day

    Mitajiri was once developed as a large place of producing salt. Mitajiri Enden Memorial Industrial Park is a facility restored to salt field in Mitajiri, and you can view the sa...

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  • Sightseeing Thumb1 20170731183837
    Yamaguchi Hofu City

    The crescent Jizo

    At the temple in front of the entrance of Amida temple in Todaiji, five Jizo line up, of which the second one from the left lost the half of the top of Zuko, looks like crescent...

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  • 1 20160712003126

    Hofu Tenmangu

    It is a shrine sacred to the god of literature Sugawara Michizane. As well as Kitano in Kyoto and...

  • 2 20160719014554


    The building was processed of castle style’s Oryudo combined below the floor Kumimono under the e...

  • 3 20160719014746

    Trace of Daisenbo

    It was once one of the temple of Tenmangu. Mori Motonari had headquarters here and attacked Mr. O...









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