Aside from that, "Hofutenmangu Temple", one of Japan`s oldest "Three Great Temples" (dating all the way back to the the year 904 when it was first built) can be found here in the city, as well as an ancient tea shop (also called the "Mitajiri Ocha-ya") that was built during the Meiji Restoration period, and one of Japan`s 4 national treasures, the residence of the Mourishi family who owned the Kyūhagihan ship hold (viewable in the Mouri Museum) are just a few of the many tourist attractions in the area.

The city of Hofu that is blessed with the abundance of nature, is also enjoyable to many as the color of thetree blossoms constantly change in the span of a year. Not only the Ume blossoms, but the sakuras rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, and even the autumn momijis are all viewable here, giving the city a different side of itself to visitors every passing and changing season.
To clearly define the enjoyment of travel, it comes without saying that food is a big part of it, and in Hofu City, there are a lot of delicious things to chew on. Having been blessed by nature with close proximity to the sea, the river, and the mountains, from wherever it came from, the area is known to use the freshest ingredients that are in season. One of the recommended dishes that represents the city is the "Tenjinhamo", that is cooked and served by skilled chefs from the area.
Whether it`s sightseeing, having a culinary adventure, or just for the experience, we hereby invite you to come and visit Hofu City.


Timeline of Hofu city

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    Yamaguchi Hofu city

    Lord of clan’s meeting with Admiral King

    In December 1866, Admiral King told Kido Takayoshi that he wanted to see the lord of the clan and his son, when he came across Bakan (Shimonoseki) on the way to Hyōgo. The senio...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu city

    Mōri Takachika

    Mōri Takachika became the 13th lord of the Hagi clan in 1837 (at the age of 19). His clan faced the extremely tight finance at that time but also needed to have a protection ag...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu city

    Salt Making Experience and Sanchō Day / Hamabiki Day

    Mitajiri was once developed as a large place of producing salt. Mitajiri Enden Memorial Industrial Park is a facility restored to salt field in Mitajiri, and you can view the sa...

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    Yamaguchi Hofu city

    The crescent Jizo

    At the temple in front of the entrance of Amida temple in Todaiji, five Jizo line up, of which the second one from the left lost the half of the top of Zuko, looks like crescent...

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    Hofu Tenmangu

    It is a shrine sacred to the god of literature Sugawara Michizane. As well as Kitano in Kyoto and...

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    The building was processed of castle style’s Oryudo combined below the floor Kumimono under the e...

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    Trace of Daisenbo

    It was once one of the temple of Tenmangu. Mori Motonari had headquarters here and attacked Mr. O...









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