Kamon Wharf is a seaside mall that is located along the Kanmon Strait. This type of shopping mall is very rare even among the shopping malls in the world. From the shopping mall, you can see ships passing through the strait as well as the night view of Mojiko harbor in Kyushu on the opposite shore. There are around 30 souvenir shops selling Shimonoseki’s local product as well as restaurants serving Shimonoseki’s famous Fugu (Blow Fish) Dishes, Kawara Soba (Buckwheat Noodle), sushi and sashimi which was purchased from the Karato Market nearby. At night, you can also visit Izakaya where the local gather, Robatayaki restaurant, Yakiniku or Chinese restaurant. From Kamon Wharf, you can reach Karato Market and Kaikyokan Aquarium by foot since it is connected with a Boardwalk. From the pier right in front of Kamon Wharf, you can go to Mojiko Retro and Ganryujima, an uninhabited island where Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro had a duel, with a boat. There is also a FreeWifi and Bicycle Rental. Waterfront Shimonoseki is also located nearby, making Kamon Wharf a very accessible tourist spot.