"Kaikyokan" is located in the banks of Kanmon Strait. One of its unique feature is the Kanmon Strait Tidal Water Tank that reproduces the vortex and tide of Kanmon Strait. Furthermore, the event and exhibition that are held, are very enhanced. Since Shimonoseki is famous as the producer of Fugu (Blowfish), Torafugu (Tiger Puffer), Mambou (Sunfish) and more than 100 types blowfish from all around the world, are exhibited. There is also dolphin and sea lion show, that is quite rare in Japan and performance of Indian Porpoise, one type of small whale, making bubble ring. Additionally, in "Penguin Mura (Penguin Village)" , which is the biggest penguin exhibition facility, there are 140 penguin from 5 different types that are exhibited and live in 2 different climate zone, the subantartic and temperate zone. In the subantartic zone tank, where there is 700 ton of water with maximum water depth of 6 meter, an acrylic tunnel is installed. You can observe penguin swimming around from every angle. The temperate zone was made in according to the condition in Chile, where you can see penguin digging hotel to make a nest and take care of their child. There is also an exhibition of systematic skeletal preparations of Blue Whale (estimated length 26m), that is very rare in the world. You will be awed by its size. Kaikyokan is an aquarium with full of attractions that you may not find on other aquarium.