Tsunoshima is a beautiful island with a bright cobalt blue sea and white sandy beaches located to the northwest of the Yamaguchi Prefecture. From here you can see the perfectly illuminated starry sky or the sun setting over the Sea of Japan. These beautiful sceneries have captivated many.

It is a well known filming site for movies, commercials or TV shows in Japan, and it holds the third place in the Facebook page of "The breathtaking sights in the world I want to see before I die", showing its immense popularity.

The Tsunoshima Bridge that connects it with the rest of the land is the second longest free access bridge for an island in Japan, reaching 1,780 meters in length.

On the northwestern edge of the island, the Tsunoshima lighthouse can be found on Yumegasaki. This was the first western-styled lighthouse located along the coast of the Sea of Japan. It continues to illuminate the ocean to this day.
In 2016, it was recognized as the "Romantic lighthouse" making it a perfect touristic spot for visiting couples.

For people who wish to take pictures of the Tsunoshima Bridge, we recommend the Amagase Park located within the island.
You can get a perfect view of the Tsunoshima Bridge suspended over the ocean surface.

Arriving to the place takes about 70 minutes by car from the Shimonoseki Interchange.
About 40 rent-a-cycles are available within the island.
We recommend strolling around with these bicycles.