a World Heritage Site in 2013, is located in Yamanashi.

There are a lot of good spot with rich nature by Fujisan.
"Oshinohakkai" is one of those. Snowmelt of Fujisan is filtered by the lava underground over the years, it made a fountain of eight in a spring.
The fountain of transparency is high and brings the impression of very mysterious.

The second one is the "Kawaguchiko".
Fujisan, to look at from Kawaguchiko, has a beautiful figure of the left and right symmetry.
You can also watch other form Fujisan.
"Sakasa Fuji" is Fujisan was upside down on the surface on the Kawaguchiko, "Diamond Fuji" can be seen at the moment when the morning sun rises from Mt. Fuji.
In addition, tourist facilities also are enriched around Kawaguchi.

There are a number of hot springs in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Hot springs at the top of a high mountain overlooking the Yamanashi Prefecture.
A hidden hot spring which was loved by visionary military commander more than 400 years ago.
Food grown in the rich nature of Yamanashi Prefecture, is also very delicious.
The wine made ​​of grape that is harvested in Yamanashi is also famous.
By all means, please try to visit to experience this nature.

Timeline of Yamanashi

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