Kaisen is a hot spring bathing facility specializes a healing spa using medicinal stones such as Maifan stone, Tourmalin and Germanium.
The first attraction is "Jewelry outdoor bath"! Power stones and colorful jewels of local industries in Yamanashi prefecture decorates ing the bath.
The quality of this hot spring is nowhere to be seen in Japan, blended alkaline simple hot springs and mineral water which includes medicinal stones put in and is very good for healing.
When you take a bath, take a rest in a streamline shaped relaxation space. Then have a delicious dish at the restaurant. Lose your tension with a massage and take a nap in the rest room.
The other attraction is "medicinal stones dome"! A medicinal stone burned with 700 degrees’ heat appears from the fire stove and heats up the entire dome. It is like a large sauna and warms your body from the inside, warming up your basical body temperature and improves your spontaneous healing.
Please visit medicinal hot spring spa Kaisen in pursuits of ultimate healing.