"Isawa Onsen" represents hot springs in Yamanashi, and it is accessible. It takes 90 mins from central Tokyo. "Hotel Hana Isawa" is only 5mins walk away from JR Isawa Onsen Station. The main building has 8 stories (71 Japanese style guest rooms) and outside hot spring and there is another building.
This onsen is spring water and it proudly presents the amount of water from the area, so water comes all the time and it has a good reputation of tender water quality. In addition to large onsen and outside onsen, it has a barrier-free bath only for family. Please enjoy our onsen.
In regard of the meal, we would like you to have the freshly cooked meal so we will provide by several dishes. By request from our guests, we will offer casual table seats or private rooms.

Near the hotel, there is a large shopping mall, AEON Isawa, or 24/7 convenience stores, and a wine factory where you can enjoy factory tour for free and tasting samples.