Isawa Onsen, a hot spring resort representing Yamanashi Prefecture, is about 90 minutes from central Tokyo with easy access. “Isawa View Hotel” is located in the center of "Sakura Onsen Street" where hot spring hotels are lined up, and 5 minutes by car from JR Isawa Onsen Station.
The Japan modern appearance is eye-catching, and if the weather is good, you can see Mt. Fuji from the see-through lift. A little stream flows in the hall, and you can look at the pond with large colored carps from the lobby.
There are Japanese style rooms with 15 tatami mats and a hori-gotatsu (feet warmer) and Japanese style rooms attached to a twin bed room. Both rooms have a calm atmosphere of Japanese style, so you spend your time relaxing.

There are Yoshino cherry trees for about 1 km along the river which flows in front of the hotel, and make the place vivid pink all over in spring. You can enjoy viewing cherry blossom while walking along the wooden promenade. Also, there is a wine brewery where you can enjoy free factory tours and wine tastings nearby.