The Jewel Garden (Houseki Kouen) and Shingen's Field is one of Yamanashi's farming field that also dabbles in jewelry crafting, making it one of Japan's finest and high-class jewelry garden.

A garden which was used to greet the arrival of Lord Hotei in the olden days, the cavern that leads to the garden that showcases a variety of jewels, such as jade, agate, rose quartz, and others - giving off an entire view of a sparkling scenery that joins together both traditional Japanese and the West, making for a spectacularly beautiful garden that stretches as far as the eyes can see.

As one slowly spend their time here, they can feel the power given off by the many jewelry and stones spread across the garden. In the Jewel Museum and the Jewelry Shop, one can find jewelries collected from all over he world as well as events such as carved jewelry exhibitions, and visitors can also purchase a variety of original jewelry products that are still set at factory price.