One of the top 100 mountains of Japan, Mt Kaikoma, and one of Japan's top 100 water bodies, Ojira River, which has been polished by the white and bright granite surface of this mountain. Daigahara-shuku, a street corner of the Koshu Kaido route that is considered one of Japan's top 100 best roads. There, "Kinseiken", a Japanese confectionery shop with a long history, can be found. Within this land blessed with three different top national selections, it has continued to create genuine Japanese confectionery for over a hundred years since its start in 1902. All of Kinseiken's articles are produced with carefully chosen materials of the highest quality. When making its representative Shingen Mochi, in order to emphasize the taste of rice, no preservatives are applied in the slightest. Additionally, along the Daigahara-shuku it is also possible to find Hakushu town of Hokuto city, which is the source of Minami Alps Tennensui, the most consumed locally produced mineral water of Japan. There are few that can compare to its clarity and delicious taste. The Mizu Shingen Mochi was created with the intention of giving you a taste of that water. "Sweets are capable of connecting people, they can magnify joy and happiness." The artisans at Kinseiken continue to put their whole hearts in every piece and create Japanese confectionery with their own hands.