Yatsugatake area has the long sunlight hours, and among this area Akeno in Hokuto City has the longest sunlight hours in Japan. We have the "Sunflower Festival" every year from late July to late August. About 600,000 sunflowers are in full bloom and look like yellow sunflower carpets under the blue sky. Mt. Fuji, Yatsugatake and the Southern Alps add to the great view in the background of the sunflower fields! This is the only scenery you cannot see anywhere else. The movie “Be With You” is filmed in this location here and the event is popular for many tourists to visit from all over. At mid-August, there are “Sunflower Art” and “Sunflower Maze” during the festival. “Sunflower soft ice cream”, sunflower bread and sunflower items are also on sale.