From the beginning of April to the middle of May, you can see more than 450 "Koinobori (carp-shaped streamers)" at the road station "Minami Kiyasato" in Hokuto city. Colorful carp-shaped streamers with red, blue and purple, which the local people have donated, flutter in the clear blue sky. Koinobori is entrusted a wish for the children’s growth and happy life. You cannot often see so many carp streamers flying together. Many visitors, with or without children come and see this masterpiece Koinobori every year.
There is a miniature cable car named "Koinobori" at the road station “Minami Kiyosato”. It carries you the distance of 180m (height difference of 100m) to the summit “Flower Forest Park”, while enjoying the view from the windows. (¥350 for a round trip) At the "Flower Forest Park", you can overlook the scenery from the observation deck, have a harvest experience of vegetables and fruits, craft making experience, and look around the seasonal flowers. (Price depends on each activitiy from ¥500.)
On the children's day on May 5 every year, "Nagasawa Koinobori Festival" is held and all generations can enjoy all day fishing for a real carp in the rice field or racing in the mud.