Grapes Workshop sells Wineglasses, living stones, and glass accessories.
There are a cafe, wine storage, experience workshop are in the area, so that you can enjoy all day.
Why don't you enjoy Yamanashi wine making original wineglass by painting and sculpturing?
(grinder experience)

【Experience workshop】appointment required
◎grinder experience(scupture with a router)
Price from 1500 yen(plus tax) and pay for a glass(there are ones for free)
Duration 40 mins -60 mins
10 machines

◎glass painting experience(with acrylic)
  Price from 1500 yen (plus tax)and pay for materials
  Duration 20 mins

◎handmade accessories(straps, bracelet, necklace)
  Price from 800 yen(plus tax) for some parts you might have to pay for it
  Duration 40 mins
16 machines