A rich fragrance and fertile soil. Katsunuma is the home of wine.
The area is a grape and wine sanctuary surrounded 360 degrees by vineyards. Budo-no-Oka is located at the top of the vineyards hill and a symbol of Koshu city matching with the vineyards, which changes colours depending on the season.
150 to 200 different wines have passed the municipal quality examination and the bottles are always stocked up. When you purchase a special container called “Tastevin” (¥1,100), you can select your favourite wine while tasting different wines.
The restaurant serves beautiful meals suitable to go with Koshu wine. You can enjoy the dinner with a starry night view from beautiful vineyard in front.
Hot Spring “Tenku-no-Yu” offers a high quality bath while watching the scenery of Kofu Basin.
There is a barbecue facility, a light meal lounge attached to the “Tenku-no-Yu” and a café next to a museum.
There are 21 guest rooms with connecting hot spring, which can accommodate up to 79 people.
Come and relax amongst our vineyard’s changing scenery from season to season.